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How I Made $69,813 Selling
23 Homes in April, One of the Worst Months for Real Estate
Sales Ever Recorded

Now You Can Follow My Simple, Step-By-Step Guide To Break Into This
Lucrative Niche Market Without Spending A Fortune On Advertising
And Without Working Evenings Or Weekends EVER AGAIN -- 100% Guaranteed!!!

Dear Colleague,

It's no secret, the real estate market has changed. Foreclosures are up 115% over last year and

industry analysts predict that this is only the tip of the iceberg. The Mortgage Bankers Association of America has predicted that there will be as many as 7 million foreclosures in 2010, that's more than double the number of foreclosures in 2009. Many industry experts predict that there will be millions of foreclosures over the next 6 years while the real estate market struggles to recover.

The numbers are absolutely staggering and financial institutions nationwide are scrambling to find agents who understand REO (bank foreclosure) to list and sell their foreclosed properties. You're about to discover a proven, sure-fire way to break into the REO business and make a fortune during the biggest housing bust of our generation.

Even if you are doing okay now, you can double, triple, or even quadruple your income by picking up just one REO client. I added one new REO client back in January and am averaging an extra $12,000 a month in commissions……….what could you do with an extra $12,000 a month?

Maybe it’s not about the money to you. Let me ask you a question…

Do you dream of a business that allows you to work 8-5?

Do you dream of taking off every weekend and spending it with your loved ones?

Do you dream of turning off your cell phone when you get home and not turning it on again until you walk into to office the next day?

Do you dream of a real estate practice that provides you with a steady predictable 6-figure income where you work with only a handful of clients that treat you like a professional?

Do you dream of a successful real estate practice that does not require you to spend an arm and a leg on marketing and advertising?

Well, you know what? Those were my dreams, too! And I was able to achieve all of those things as an REO agent and you can to with the help of my…….

Step-By-Step System For Listing
and Selling Bank Foreclosures!

That's what this website is about... showing you where to turn to find a simple, detailed guide on how to get started earning money as an REO Agent.

You have probably never heard of me, but I happen to be one of the nation's top REO agents. I got my real estate license in May of 2000 and have averaged over 100 transactions per year for the last 7 years. In April of 2007, which according to industry experts, was one of the worst months on record, I had my best month ever closing 23 transactions and earning $69,813 in commissions. And I am on track to close over 197 transactions this year for a projected $750,000 in commissions.

Not bad for a college dropout, working from a 1,200 sq. basement office in a small Midwesterntown of less than 48,000 people.

I accept a very limited number of phone consultations each year, where I charge $500.00 per hour.

Over the last few years I have helped over 1,200 brokers and agents break into the REO business. Many of them have created REO practices even more successful than my own.

I don't say all of this to impress you, I say it to impress upon you that I have been studying the bank foreclosure business nearly seven years, I know what I am talking about and I can help you achieve Massive Success beyond what you ever thought possible.

The good news for you is, even though the information I have put together for you took me hundreds of hours of research and seven years of trial and error, you are not going to need to invest at my "consulting fee" rate.

And It's So Simple, Even A New Agent Can Do It!

I recently released a brand new REO Renegades home study course that will teach you the very strategies that I used to get started in this lucrative business niche quickly and avoid making costly rookie mistakes.

Understand, this isn't information you'll find in all the other real estate books that are out there -- you'll be learning my deepest secrets about how do I get bank owned listings, service them, and how I sell them quickly for big commissions. Plus, I will teach you how to build a $6-Figure BPO Business.



Here's just a small sample of what you'll discover and
learn from my REO Renegades home study course:

How the REO industry works

Understanding the foreclosure process

How to find financial institutions with properties to list and register with them

The one and only place to pay to advertise for REO listings (it’s under $100 a month and has brought me hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions)

What services you must provide in order to get listings

Why you’ll never get a listing from local banks

What to say when contacted by an asset manager inquiring about your experience selling REO’s (or lack of)

The real reasons asset managers choose an agent -- the secret truth long known by master REO Agents finally revealed

How to organize your business for success

The tips, tricks, and techniques to get your listings priced to sell

The most important part of every letter and email you write to your asset manager

21 simple steps for creating BPO’s that get you the listing

7 Ways to get blacklisted and never get another listing



Here's what else you'll get out of your course:

A $29 ad guaranteed to gather a herd of hungry investors eager to buy your listings.

Why asset managers don’t always choose the best agent for the job.

The 3 things that you must do each month to keep your listings

The inside secrets to automating your business so that you can take off every evening and weekend and never worry about losing a sale.

The one techno gadget that you can’t live without

Which contact management system is most effective for REO agents

How to get paid $65-$125 an hour preparing Broker Price Opinion’s ( mini CMA’s) from home in your pajamas.

And, believe me... this is just the beginning of what you will get from my REO Renegades home study course.

“REO Renegades” Is Like Nothing You've Ever Seen Before On Listing and Selling Bank Foreclosures

Let's take a look at what people have to say about REO Renegades:

Video clip from the REO Renegades Event

"Just so you know my BPO business is through the roof! I have all I can handle right now and am constantly getting calls from companies I’ve never dealt with! Since I bought your program and registered with everyone on your list, I’m getting on the average of 25+ a week.

Thanks for all your HELP!"

Vickie Stamper

"I came across the reo renegades online and at that time there were not many choices for education on getting started with reo. I have dedicated most of my time in those months uploading my broker applications to the list you give out. I am still working on it and have about 50 left to go. Five weeks ago our team started getting bpo orders and to date we have done about 60 bpo’s. Just two weeks ago we got our first reo listing, we have four reo listings to date and the phone has not stopped ringing and emails keep coming in with bpo orders. Each day brings a new exciting day in the reo business for us and just when I tell my wife, this is starting out to be a slow day for us, maybe we can get caught up on some stuff, I get an email or phone call with an new reo assignment. Thanks Frank for the educational conference calls and continued educational help with all our questions."

Mark Christopulos

Chuck Powell

"If you are about to leave the real estate industry, buy the REO Renegade training NOW! I too was struggling in this tough market, and I knew that I needed to do something soon to supplement my income. I also knew with the increase in foreclosures, that if I were an REO agent, things would be different. So I searched the internet, and I ran across the REO Renegades Website. Brokers price opinions would supplement my income, and although I wasn't sure, I figured, what could it hurt. Everything in my life has been turned around since then, I started doing BPO's and checks started coming in the mail, it was wonderful going to get the mail for once in a long time. Then after only a week doing BPO's I received an REO listing, then the next day another. In one week I received 6 REO listings! I always thought you had to have a connection with the bank, but thanks to Frank Patrick, and following his advice in the REO renegade pack, I got my life back. Now, I love checking my email every morning to see if I received another REO. I urge you to change your life, you won't regret it."

Esmeralda Yager

"I just got the chance to send you this email to tell you that I have received two REO assignments already! One with REO World and the other with PAS. I think this is great for only being registered approximately two weeks with REO World and never getting the chance to finish the Default Training.

Thanks for all your help."

Reggie Woodgett

"I ordered your course in August and started registering on the sites, I registered with Clear Capital and Mark to Market 1st and I started getting BPO orders immediately. The 1st one took hours to complete and then I listened to one of your fast start calls and now it takes me between 30 and 45 minutes to complete. Two weeks ago I got a call from an asset manager with AMS asking if I could do a rush BPO in 24 hrs and If he liked my work he would assign the listing to me. It had been assigned to another agent, but the agent had done something to make him mad. After he got the BPO he emailed to let me know I was assigned to the property, I am still waiting on a price for the property. I put my sign on the listing and have 6 prospects that have called on the sign and are wanting to know the price. This past week I got a call from GRP asking if I could complete a BPO by this Monday. The asset manager said if liked the results he would assign the listing to me. It is currently assigned to another agent, but she doesn’t return his phone calls.

I have only registered on ½ of the sites on your list. I am going to make sure I get registered with the rest of them this week as I can see this being a very profitable business with lots of clients that give you multiple listings as long as you do good work and communicate. I look at you email as a gift from God that is opening new doors for business in a very tough down market. Thanks."


Jason Ashton


"I turned 60 a few months ago and have been a full time agent since 1979 and a broker associate since 1986.

I have been completing BPO's since around 1996, but just on a part-time basis. At that time we were doing them by hand or typewriter and If I remember correctly they were only paying $20. Also there were no digital cameras. So we had to have the pictures developed. After several bad car accidents as a young man and the challenge of getting older, my old legs are not what they use to be. I find it very difficult to go up and down steps while showing homes and sometimes have to use a cane. But listening to your conferences has rejuvenated me and I have started doing more and more BPO's and have gotten two REO listings from LandAmerica Default Services and expect to get more.

After all these years I have found my niche in real estate. It’s exciting again. I feel better and I am walking better too. Go figure!!!

So thank you again."


"We are experiencing some success. I worked with several REO companies back in the 90's. It's certainly a different ballgame today. Our market has been depressed since 9/11 so the competition is fierce.

We have received 10 orders in our first month. Thanks."

Danny Swartz

Yazmin Rodriguez and Celi Montes
San Jose, CA

"I am in Jacksonville FL and I purchased your course about 3 weeks ago. I have done about 12 BPO's in the last 2 weeks. Thank you for your time and for the course, it has really opened my eyes to other things I can be doing while this market figures out what it is doing. Thanks."


"I am excited about the future ! My plate is full and I am already turning down BPO's because I have around 1-2 a day to do for Countrywide! My wife is an agent and she is helping me with the data entry and BPO basics!

Will keep you posted on my progress! Thanks."


Teresa Fickenscher
Scottsdale, AZ

"I have been burned by people selling real estate programs too many times to trust anymore. When I saw the ad for your program I filed it in the trash. But then I thought " I have tried many times to hook up with other companies that do BPO's, but none of the common search engines on the internet can come up with any serious companies. If this guy can show me how to get business from just one company, it might be worth it."

I have not heard from one company...I am signed up with 2 dozen companies! In just 8 weeks I have already earned twice the cost of the course and I am now on so many lists for REO work I will get a listing any day now.

When perspective clients ask me how I they can trust the price I pick for their properties I now show them the long list of companies that PAY ME for my price opinions! Thank you for your integrity and the valuable information in your course."


"I have just gotten started looking for REO business but thanks to you I have been accepted by Wells Fargo Bank to do BPO's and handle their REO properties. I would never have been able to do it without your help. After less than 30 days looking to change my marketing strategy you inspired me and helped me get to where I am. Thanks Frank. "


Kevin Moran

"I have only had your program for three weeks and have spent very little time on getting started. I have been trying to restart my real estate business and get my son installed in to his University.

I don't if I could have picked a busier time to start something new. However with real estate having taken the turn downhill I needed to try something new. I needed to start making money in real estate or go back to nursing.

I started by filling as many registration forms as I could between making dinner and getting my little one to bed. I have already completed two interior bpo’s and 8 exterior bpo’s. I think that if I can get a bit more organized on how to manage my time a bit better I could probable make as much money doing bpo’s as I could working full time in nursing."


"Dear Frank, Thank you so much for the REO Renegades Training. The information you are sharing is invaluable. I have completed many BPO's for a single BPO company and they have given me an A+ and are very happy with my work. I am grateful that you are sharing your information. You opened a door for me that has already made me over $1,300 dollars in the first month. I am looking forward to the next REO Renegades call which I am hoping will teach me more about the foreclosure listing process.

Again, Thank you for this lucrative business opportunity."

Tammi Alban

Ullon Willis
Oakland, CA


This is your invitation To Learn What Very Few Agents Know About Building
a $6-Figure REO Practice

The REO Renegades Training is not available anywhere else. You won’t learn it from agents in your office, from your broker, from a seminar or from a book. I know this to be true because I’ve been there and I’ve done that. I’ve attended the conventions, bought the books, went to the boot camps…..and like they say “I’ve got the t-shirt”. I have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars studying the REO business. It took me seven long years of hard work, research, trial and error and nearly 1,000 real estate transactions to develop the REO Renegades Training.

The REO Renegades Home Study Training Course

How to List and Sell Foreclosed Properties Manual: “A Simple Step By Step Guide for Breaking Into The Bank Foreclosure Business.”

Quite possibly the best guide EVER written for agents interested in listing and selling REO’s (bank owned homes). You’ll learn more about listing and selling REO’s here in about 2 hours than you would if you spent the next three years traveling across the country attending REO conventions and interviewing the top REO agents in business today. And the best thing is, you don’t have to read the entire guide to begin your REO career. You can learn step by step “on the job”.

Here’s a just a small sample of what you’ll learn…….

In “Chapter 1” you’ll learn the five effective techniques that I use every day to get REO listings. This one chapter should be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions to you. To be successful in the REO business you need to know where to find banks and financial institutions that have foreclosed properties to sell and how to get them to choose you as their agent of choice.

In “Chapter 2” you’ll learn where not to get listings. Over the last seven years I have “beat my head against the wall” hundreds of times trying to get foreclosure listings from the wrong places. In just a few minutes you can learn from my mistakes and save yourself thousands of dollars in wasted advertising and countless hours of frustration.

In “Chapter 15” I’ll reveal the most cost effective way to advertise and market your listings. I am currently carrying over one hundred active listings and I’m spending less than $100 a month on advertising. I’ll even show you how use a weekly email to double end an average of three transactions a month without ever showing a property.

“How to Build a BPO Business Manual” – “A Complete, Step-By-Step Guide to Preparing Broker Price Opinion’s ( mini CMA’s).”

The most comprehensive guide EVER written for agents interested in performing BPO’s for banks and financial institutions. You’ll learn everything that you need to know to start making $65 - $125 an hour preparing fee based BPO’s while building your REO listing inventory. Many of my members are earning more than $2,000 a week on their BPO income alone!

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn……

In “Chapter 1” you’ll learn the three most critical steps to take to set your BPO business up for success. I’ll reveal the four types of companies that order BPO’s and show you how to register with them to start receiving work orders right away.

In “Chapter 2” you’ll learn how to effectively conduct the research for your BPO before visiting the subject property and I’ll reveal the secret technique that allows me to complete a BPO in less than 30 minutes.

In “Chapter 3” I’ll show you exactly how to fill out your BPO, choose comparables, and make adjustments effectively. Follow my step-by-step BPO Completion Guide and your BPO’s will never be rejected by the dreaded “quality control department”.

FREE Access to the REO Renegades Fast Start Coaching Call
You can have free access to this live 1 hour coaching call. Listen in as Frank reveals the exact strategies he used to build his highly profitable REO practice. You will learn how to jump start            your REO business and have an opportunity to get your questions answered.

FREE Access to the BPO Renegades Fast Start Coaching Call
You can have free access to this live 1 hour coaching call. Listen in as Frank lays out the exact steps that you need to take to start earning $65 to $125 per hour performing BPO’s. You’ll learn            secret techniques that will enable you complete any BPO in under an hour and you’ll learn how            to use leverage to build a 6 figure BPO business.

“Top Secret Registration List” The list of 117+ Financial Institutions & REO Asset Management Companies to register with so that you can start receiving REO Listings and BPO Assignments immediately. Complete with website links, and instructions. I also reveal the one source where           you can find the contact information for every financial institution & REO Department in the           Nation.

Here’s Your Investment In Success

My goal was to remove “price” as a barrier to your success. Therefore, you won’t have to
spend many years and thousands of dollars or trial and error that I spent learning the REO
business. And you won’t have to spend the $2,500 I charge for a weekend seminar or
$500 an hour for personal consulting.

Get Started for ONLY
$997 $197

Your risk-free investment for the REO Renegades Home Study Training Course
(a $997 Value),
including the FREE Bonuses (worth an additional $597), is only $197 billed
to your credit card, plus $29 shipping and handling to RUSH your system by USPS Express.

Now, I realize you still might think $197 is a lot of money to spend on training, but let’s analyze it for a moment.

The truth is you will spend that much
whether you invest in my system or not.

You see there are only three choices.

The first choice is to do nothing. Continue to do business the way you have always done it. That’s the path of least resistance which many people take. And why 80% of agents fail within their first 2 years. My system is proven to provide a steady dependable stream of commission checks, better than any other method I have found. By doing nothing you will pay for my course many times over in lost commissions.

The second choice is to try it on your own, without proper training. I spent seven years and tens of thousands of dollars experimenting on my own. I have learned from trial and error all the critical steps required to break into the bank foreclosure business. Make just a few mistakes and you may never get a listing or worse yet, you might get a listing only to have it taken away because you made a rookie mistake. You will have plenty of time to think about all the money and time you wasted trying to “cut corners”.

You will pay for my system many times over if you don’t order it.

How much would it cost you (and how long would it take you) to find a client who closes 4 transactions a month with you? From just one new client I added this January I am consistently closing one additional transaction per week, in my neck of the woods that’s worth about $12,000 per month.

The fact is, you can’t learn what I know for less than what I am charging.

Your third choice is to get my complete system for breaking into the bank foreclosure business, study the information that I give you, and take action. When you make that choice you will be getting a huge return on your investment – all because you chose to take action.

Do the Math... this system will pay for itself 10 times over with just one additional transaction. If I called you and told you I wanted to refer a seller to you for a 25% referral fee you’d jump all over it! On an average transaction of $250,000 you’d end up sending me a check for $1,875! That’s almost 10 times the price of my entire system that I used to generate $69,813 in commissions this April alone!


If That Wasn't Enough... You Will Get
My Incredible Risk Free Guarantee.

I only want happy, excited customers, so here’s my iron clad, no risk guarantee. I want to make this a “no-brainer”.

Try the REO Renegades System for the next 12 months. If, after you put my techniques to the test and try them for one full year, you find that REO Renegades System hasn't more than paid for itself, simply return it for a complete no-hassle refund.

Well, I’ve made my case the best I know how. At this point you are either in or out. My life will pretty much be the same regardless of your decision. How about yours?

Once you’re ready, fill out the order form. There’s no risk, absolutely no way to lose.


      To your success!

         Frank Patrick

P.S. If your market has changed and you are not making as much money as you like, I beg to take action now! And cash in on the REO Boom! Click to Order the System Now!




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